Grantmaking Programs

The Community Foundation of West Texas is a nonprofit community foundation that manages a pool of charitable endowment funds, the income from which is used to benefit the South Plains community through grants to nonprofit organizations, educational programs and scholarships. The Foundation serves the following 15 counties in the South Plains region: Bailey, Cochran, Crosby, Dickens, Floyd, Garza, Hale, Hockley, King, Lamb, Lubbock, Lynn, Motley, Terry, and Yoakum. Visit our Current Grant Opportunities page for grant deadlines and process.

Application Form

Who Do We Fund?

Grantmaking policy and grant award decisions are made by the Board of Directors.

The Foundation restricts support from Community Funds (unrestricted funds established by generous donors for the benefit of this community) to organizations in Lubbock and the surrounding South Plains area which are 501(c)(3) or the government equivalent. Grants may be made for start-up funding, general operating support, program support and demonstration programs. The Foundation does not make grants to individuals, for political purposes, to retire indebtedness or for payment of interest or taxes. To learn more about our funding impact, see our Defining Impact white paper.

All grant recipients must report on the expenditure of grant funds and results of the supported project within one year of the award. Typical grant awards range from $500 – $2,500 with $5,000 as the maximum from Community Funds. Grant applications are reviewed throughout the year.

Field of Interest Funds make it possible for the Foundation to concentrate funding on areas of interest specified by our donors. Funding for the arts in Lubbock and Hale Counties is available through the  Sybil Harrington Endowment for the Arts.  Animal welfare needs are addressed through the Ruth Wright Endowment for Animals. Historic Preservation needs are addressed through the E. Jay Matsler Trust for Historic Preservation.

Mini-Grants for Teachers are for K-12 schools (public and private) in the South Plains area.  This program provides small grants to elementary and secondary school teachers to enable them to try out creative teaching techniques and buy enriching teaching materials not provided for in school budgets.

Funding Priorities

The funding priorities of the Community Foundation of West Texas are:

  • Impact: service to a wide segment of the community and assistance to those not adequately served by existing resources
  • Innovation: responsiveness to changing or emerging community needs and a practical approach for solving community problems
  • Leverage: the project leverages or generates other funding or resources
  • Management: there is a clear plan for implementation and the organization has the capability of delivering the service/program in a cost effective manner
  • Non-Duplication: the project does not duplicate existing programs or services


At the Community Foundation of West Texas, we partner with donors and our local nonprofit community to support strategies that make a positive impact on breaking the cycle of poverty in this region.


  • We support programs that help low-income individuals and families secure higher paying jobs, strengthen their finances and move up the economic ladder.
  • We inspire and prepare the next generation by supporting quality education and programs that promote the development of life skills and leadership capacity.
  • We provide a “safety net” for those who are vulnerable by funding programs that meet basic needs such as food, clothing, health care, shelter and safety.