Mini-Grants Reports 2013-2014

We have heard from many teachers with reports on what they were able to accomplish with a Mini-Grant from the Lubbock Area Foundation. The following reports are just a sampling of some of the projects teachers were able to use in their classrooms to engage students.


Christ the King Cathedral School – Weather Station, Pan Balances and Orbiting Station

With the funds received from the Mini-Grant, this teacher was able to purchase four pan balances, one weather station, and a moon/earth/sun orbiting model. The pan balances were used any time the students needed to find the mass, volume, or density of an object during their physical science unit. The weather station was used to monitor rainfall, temperature, and wind speed during their unit on weather in the earth science unit. The moon/earth/sun orbiting model was used to demonstrate how the moon orbits the earth, which orbits the sun.

Christ the King orbiting model

Christ the King pan balances Christ the King weather station



Lockney Elementary – Reading Library

“This year has flown by and has been one of my favorite years of teaching yet, and one of the big reasons for that is you! Last August I was fortunate enough to be one of hte recipients of your Mini-Grants for Teachers initiative, and that has made all the difference in the world in my teaching! ….The items I was able to purchase because of your grant allowed me to create a haven of learning in my classroom. Instead of just coming to school to hear a teacher lecture all day, my third graders enter a new world when they step through the door of my classroom. They find a colorful, welcoming home! There are comfy spots for reading nooks, a soft carpet area with an easel for teaching mini-lessons each morning, bookshelves with individualized book boxes where each child can store their learning materials, and even a small classroom library organized in baskets at the back of the classroom.

Needless to say, my students LOVE our reading workshop time! But more than just enjoying it, I have seen that it has greatly enhanced their progress in reading.  Our district has been working very hard in getting our reading levels up to grade level, and my principal and data coordinator have been very pleased with the progress my students have made this year. I know that this is in a large part because they have come to love our reading workshop so much and can lose themselves in the world of reading in our transformed classroom.”

Students Thank You Collage

 Westwind Elementary School – Third and Fourth Grade Class

Flashcards Spinning


Crestview Elementary – P.E. Class

This P.E. teacher was able to purchase an Xbox 360 Kinect game console along with several games for the students to use during their P.E. class.  “The students really enjoy the games as well as the movement and exercise they get from the game console. … This is a great way to incorporate technology into our gym setting. I plan to have a Family Wellness Night this upcoming year with the Kinect as a station for people to visit and participate in the game. … These items will help instill a lifelong commitment to exercise in these young children’s lives and their parents.”

Xbox 360 Kinect